30,000 residents receive medications using CareMeds systems everyday

Care providers are under increasing pressure to reduce the number of errors made when administering medications. Together with CareMeds and your local pharmacy, you have the solution

Whether it’s our market leading Paper MARs or our very latest eMAR system supported by the patented MultiMeds or Unit Dose blister packs, care providers just like you are increasingly choosing pharmacies that use CareMeds

If you are serious about improving your residents outcomes, get serious with CareMeds.

Having researched the market, CareMeds eMAR combined with the MultiMeds blister system was the standout solution for our students and nurses, having used it for over a year now, both systems have exceeded our expectations.

Jane Hayden - Head of Technology. Treloars Trust

CareMeds Three latest Innovations

CareMeds eMAR

The latest addition to the product portfolio is our Android based CareMeds eMAR system.
A powerful intuitive app designed to ensure the “6 Rights in medication administration” using Photographic Identification of Resident and Medication, further supported by 2D barcodes for each item.

1. Right Client

2. Right Route

3. Right Drug

4. Right Dose

5. Right Time

6. Right To Refuse

CareMeds HomeManager

A cloud based system that links the carehome directly to the Pharmacy and eMAR systems. A feature rich, reporting and communication tool designed to put control at your finger tips.

The dynamic dashboard gives a real-time status reports to Managers alerting the user to:

Missed Doses

Low Stock

Round Duration

Near Misses

Other Alerts

And much more business intelligence data that can help eliminate problems before they arise.

CareMeds Paper MARs

At CareMeds, We have carefully created and designed the Paper MARs Charts for those CareProviders who are not yet ready or are still deciding whether to switch to our very own eMAR solution as an alternative to the traditional Paper MARs

“Our 5 Charts in medication administration”

1. MAR Chart

2. PRN Chart

3. Insulin Chart

4. Topical Chart

5. Warfarin Chart


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