CareMeds is a technology company developing innovative applications that change the way Pharmacies and Care Providers manage their patients and residents medications

Our customers are both Pharmacies and Care Providers with a common goal. They strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients and residents by delivering a person centred medication management solution. The combination of CareMeds systems with the patented MultiMeds blister deliver this.

We put the person at the centre of everything we do and share access to the Pharmacy and Care Provider.

CareMeds is the only Person Centered System that gives access to ONE PERSON RECORD for both Pharmacy and Care Provider

For Your Pharmacy

Stand Out in the Crowd

In this ever increasing competitive market, pharmacy owners need every possible competitive advantage they can leverage to ensure their business propsers.

CareMeds offers such an advantage.

For Your Carehome

Safe and Simple Drug Rounds

Medication rounds made easy, that’s the best way to describe CareMeds medicines management system. Dynamic MAR Charts and intuitive eMAR from your pharmacy provider.

CareMeds safe, simple and efficient

For the Community

Are you a Homecare provider?

Medicines administration in the community is no longer just about prompting, ensure your carers and service users are protected with a safe and secure medication management system.

CareMeds MAR Charts make it clear


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