Improving Medicines Management in Care

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CareMeds Dispensing System

CareMeds Dispensing System which is exclusive to pharmacy providers and dispensing doctors is a powerful web based system that runs in a web browser such as Google Chrome on your exisiting PC hardware running Windows XP Pro, 7 or 8.

The system has been designed to provide the most advanced compliance charts and mobile software to ensure the FIVE RIGHTS in medication in care.

This is achieved by utilising several innovative features that set our system AND your pharmacy apart from others.

  • Colour Photos of Residents on all Charts
  • Colour Photos of medications
  • Time ordered colour coded drug rounds
  • Colour coded labelling with colour photo of Patient
  • Specialist Charts for Warfarin, PRN, PRN Topical and Insulin
  • Web log-ins for Care provider linking directly to Pharmacy
  • Online Re-ordering of Medications
  • Messaging between Pharmacy and Care provider
  • Electronic Medication Charts option


Pharmacies using CareMeds get more business. When a Care provider sees our system, they want it, new homes are easily acquired by pro-active pharmacy owners.

Please feel free to browse our Charts and eMAR system and let us know what you think.

The financial model for CareMeds is simple too, there are two options, both only 12 months.

Option 1 is based on a fee per resident per month

Option 2 is a fixed fee per month

If you have any doubts about what affect CareMeds can have on your business, show a home, even an existing customer our charts and see their re-action firsthand.

Dont leave it to a competitor to raise the bar, be proactive and make sure your offer stays ahead of the rest.


For Your Pharmacy

Stand Out in the Crowd

In this ever increasing competitive market, pharmacy owners need every possible competitive advantage they can leverage to ensure their business propsers.

CareMeds offers such an advantage. 

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For Your Carehome

Safe and Simple Drug Rounds

Medication rounds made easy, that’s the best way to describe CareMeds medicines management system. Dynamic MAR Charts and intuitive eMAR from your pharmacy provider.

CareMeds safe, simple and efficient

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For the Community

Are you a Homecare provider?

Medicines administration in the community is no longer just about prompting, ensure your carers and service users are protected with a safe and secure medication management system

CareMeds MAR Charts make it clear

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