Improving Medicines Management in Care

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10,000 Residents!


Independent pharmacy owners using the market leading medication management software system CareMeds now provide medications to over 10,000 residents in the managed care sector.

Pro-active pharmacies offering CareMeds quickly grow their market share of dispensing services to carehomes within their locality for 3 main reasons.

Firstly the pharmacy owners and staff must have an appetite to grow the business and the resource to support it. Secondly a good service level with clear lines of communication and finally they have to stand out, innovate, offer something that makes a difference to the norm.

In general most pharmacies will have the first requirement and some have the second. The CareMeds system helps build on this offering by giving the pharmacy a system built from the ground up to manage medications for residents in managed care settings.

To find out how your pharmacy or care home can benefit from CareMeds please get in touch on 01794 400 100