Improving Medicines Management in Care

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How can my pharmacy use CareMeds?

CareMeds Dispensing system is a web based application. You need a PC running WIndows XP Pro, 7 or 8. Google Chrome internet browser, Adobe Reader and a colour printer. You also need a static IP address for security, which in most cases is your N3 connection Most of this will already exist in your pharmacy so there's little capital outlay.


How much will it cost my pharmacy to use CareMeds?

We have two 12 month contract options

Option 1 Annual license fee of £450 with £1 per resident per month with a minimum monthly fee of £50 and a maximum of £350
And for Large volume users
Option 2 Annual license fee of £300 with a fixed fee per month for the 12 months. The fee is dependant on the volume of residents.

How can my carehome be supplied with CareMeds MAR charts

Please get in touch, our pharmacy users cover a vast area of the country with new users coming on each week. We will find the most suitable pharmacy provider and put you in touch.

How much will CareMeds cost my carehome?

CareMeds Web system and carehome log-in is free from our pharmacy users. However if you want CareMeds eMAR system, then there is a charge to you.

How much does CareMeds eMAR cost and who pays for it?

CareMeds eMAR costs are based on an implementation fee and a monthly fee per licensed bed. As this depends on the size of the home, please get in touch for a tailored quotation.

What support is available?

CareMeds can take care of everything. If you do not have the infrastructure already in place through our sister companies we can provide IT, Networking, Broadband, Wifi, and VOIP Telephone systems. Once the network is there, we will support the CareMeds eMAR application 9am - 5pm Mon Friday 52 weeks of the year. The first line of support though will be your pharmacy provider as they control the data appearing on the system and can resolve 99% of the issues instantly.

What happens if we leave the pharmacy supplying our medications?

This something you need to consider very carefully before entering into agreements with any provider. Our contract is with you for 12 months and the fees will be payable for that period. CareMeds has the ability to provide print outs of all the charts displaying all admin outcomes for the period you have used the system. This gives you peace of mind you will not lose any data.

How secure is our data?

When using CareMeds eMAR the contract is between CareMeds and the care provider, NOT the pharmacy. This way we make a committment to you for the period you are under contract with us. We are fully accredited to what was previously known as Connecting for Health, but now Health and Social Care Information Centre and have an Information Governance System in place with a 95% rating. We are also registered with Information Commissioners Office as a Third Party Contractor holding patient identifiable data. Our sister company owns the racks in a secure data centre in London and we own all the hardware including servers, routers and firewalls. We use IP filtering, so only the people with known IP addresses can visit our website that hosts the application. The eMAR system does not currently store any data locally on the tablet either so there no risk if a tablet is lost or stolen.
We take IG serious. The penalties are too high not to.

What happens if the device fails when doing a drug round with eMAR?

Simple, have a back up device and continue. However failing that, you can at anytime log into the CareMeds Web system and print up to date live charts for every resident in the current cycle, you can then continue on paper until you rectify the problem.

What device do we need to run the CareMeds eMAR system?

Any Android tablet with a 7" or 10" screen is possible. However we would recommend using a well known brand as there is support for the device should you have any problems under warranty. The Google Nexus 7 and 10 are our preferred units presently.