Improving Medicines Management in Care

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Do you want to reduce medication errors?

Medication administration errors in care and nursing homes are at unacceptable levels. There has been many studies carried out in this area over the last 4 years and all have published their findings with trends idenfying risks that need to be addressed.

Homecare providers have until now been left exposed by a lack of systems for evidencing outcomes around medicines management in the home. Not any longer.

One of the areas identified where we can combat this problem is by improving the paper systems used currently and potentially by introducing electronic systems  known as Electronic MARs

At CareMeds, we've done both.

Our web based dispensing system used by pharmacies specialising in managed care services is the only system that provides ONE PATIENT RECORD accessible by all stakeholders aimed at medicines management. The pharmacist, the care provider and even the GP can access the patient dispensing data.

CareMeds Charts help to reduce errors at patient bed side or home by providing a safer and easy to follow design. Features include;

  • Colour Photos of Residents on all Charts
  • Colour Photos of medications
  • Time ordered colour coded drug rounds
  • Colour coded labelling with colour photo of Patient
  • Specialist Charts for Warfarin, PRN, PRN Topical and Insulin

On top of this, as a care provider you also have the ability to log into a web portal linking you directly to the pharmacy where you can;

  • Add New or Edit  Residents Details
  • Online Re-ordering of Medications
  • Messaging between Pharmacy and Care provider
  • Print Medication Charts
  • Print Blank Charts for New Residents


If you are keen to reduce errors within your service then you need to get in touch. Often we can work with your exisiting pharmacy supplier.

CareMeds will transform your medicines management system.


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